“It’s Only Rock & Roll, But We Like It” TGR liveblog archive

Here’s the liveblog archive of Apple’s latest music-themed event, conveniently copied and pasted just seconds ago!

2:12Good morning/afternoon/evening and welcome to TGR’s liveblog coverage and analysis of Apple’s “It’s Only Rock & Roll, But We Like It” event!2:13A quick note to readers: today’s liveblog is only a short one. Mostly because I was lazy and forgot to post the liveblog details earlier, and partly because I’d like to actually enjoy the keynote today, instead of furiously type-type-typing away at every announcement.2:14That said, I’ll endeavour to provide as much information as I possibly can with big news – and Australian news will be thrown in the mix this time aswell.2:16And yes, the Apple Store is definitely down and sticky noting it up around the world now.2:41Just less than twenty minutes to go now… do you feel the excitement?2:46Make that fifteen minutes.2:50

If you’re reading the other liveblogs (like I am), you’ll know that most journalists/bloggers/random-cameo-celebrities are now inside the building with ten minutes to go

2:53Whoops! Let that one loose just a little early there Apple.2:57Eric Schmidt attending today, just weeks after resigning from Apple’s board. It’s good news to see him at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.3:01

And iTunes 9 is very, very, very close to downloadable now too. [Engadget]

3:02Steve Jobs is walking on stage, we have a standing ovation on our hands folks.3:05Steve has thanked a mid-20s person who died in a car crash for his generosity in giving him a liver.3:06Phil Schiller (VP of Marketing) will join him in the keynote. First up, talking about the iPhone – 30 million sold in just over 2 years3:06There are now more than 75,000 apps on the App Store. 1.8 billion downloaded… here’s to hoping for App Store improvements!3:07iPhone 3.1 is arriving for iPhone/iPod touch users today.3:08Genius functionality introduced in iTunes 8 is coming for the App Store today, and will be part of iPhone 3.13:09Next up, ringtones. 30,000 pre-cut ringtones from all the majors, at just $1.29 (that’ll be $2.19 in Aus).3:09

iPhone 3.1 is free and available NOW.

3:10Next, moving on to music on the iTunes Store. They are now the #1 music retailer IN THE WORLD.3:11iTunes 9. New feature called Genius Mixes (sounds like an iMix replacement)3:12

Like a virtual DJ playing songs that go nicely together. Just click a button and you’re ready to go indefinitely.

3:13Much better music syncing for iPods and iPhones in iTunes 9.3:13And photos, too.3:14Hallelujah! App management in iTunes is here in iTunes 9.3:14Finally, move your apps around WITH EASE.3:15A new home sharing feature lets you play songs on up to five household computers and copy them across!3:16iTunes Store has been given a “cleaner” interface3:18Wow. iTunes LPs (the Cocktail rumor was right) look seriously awesome. No word on pricing.3:18We have a good ol’ demo from Jeff Robin3:21App management and home sharing has been demoed. Engadget’s coverage is best this time if you ask me.3:21Apps can be transferred to other household devices too! I’m shocked.3:24Bingo! You can now share store content on Facebook & Twitter.3:25If you’ve ever bought a good music dvd, the iTunes LPs look something like that. To put it as simply as I could.3:26Ray Manzarek is up and speaking!3:27

Okay, Gizmodo’s coverage just disappeared into the internet abyss.

3:28iTunes Extras will be for movies what iTunes LPs are for music.3:28Jeff is finished with iTunes 9, Steve’s back on stage.3:29iTunes 9 available today, Phil will speak about iPods.3:29Meanwhile, Giz has returned to the internet. Welcome back, we missed you!3:31Phil is pretty proud of his hefty iPod sales. Microsoft at 1.1% of market share.3:31Expect that to increase just a little with the Zune HD.3:31Now more than 50 Million iPhones & iPod touches sold.3:33Just a quick look at iPhone 3.1 Genius Mixes on iPod touch. Looks brilliant.3:35Haha… Phil says the iPod touch has desktop computing and really fits in your pocket – to a picture of someone trying to fit a Dell netbook in their pocket.

Makes you wonder… does Apple really have any interest in a netbook? I thinks not.

3:36Now telling people that it’s much better than the DS and PSP. No iPod, no multi-touch, games are more expensive… all the usual selling points of the touch.3:40And now some developers, first Ubisoft.
As interesting as these are, please Apple, don’t keep putting them on again and again and again until I literally tear my hair out.3:43Assassin’s Creed 2 is demoing now.3:43Next up, Tapulous. Those dudes be making Tap Tap Revenge and a new game called Riddim Ribbon. Looks sweet.3:45And that’s it. Gameloft next.
At least things are moving a little faster this time around.3:46Nova is their game to demo.3:47And here’s a big finale – EA is taking the stage for the final demo. Games are fun!3:48Madden NFL 2010 coming to iPhone, iPod touch3:49Jason Chen:

Here’s a game that’s been around “for over 20 years.” It’s Madden, which has been announced already, and looks like PlayStation 1 graphics.

Agreed here.

3:50Madden available today, developers done! Phil is back ‘in da hood’3:51Here come iPod touch updates!3:52New 8GB model will be just $1993:53$299 will get you 32GB and $399 will get you a pretty large amount of storage… 64GB3:54the 32GB and 64GB models will also be 50% faster.3:54And it will run OpenGL.3:55As expected, the iPod classic is getting a small update today. 160GB for that same $249 price point. Nice to see that storage come back.3:56Shuffle updates ahoy3:57No, just more compatible headphones with that headset controller I’m growing decreasingly fond of.3:58But you can now get the shuffle in five different colors – black silver, pink, green, blue.
2nd gen iPod shuffle will be completely phased out now, I’m assuming.4:00The new iPod nano has a video camera on the back!4:02

There’s a speaker for playback too. What’s the bet it’s crappy? 100% are the odds I’d say.


It syncs back to your computer, ready for uploading to the ‘tubes.


The new iPod nano has an FM radio, too.

4:03Over 100 million iPod nanos sold to date. Pretty incredible.4:04The shuffle’s voiceover is coming too, plus a pedometer and Voice Memos.4:058GB for $149, 16GB for $179. Today.4:06Environmental checklist. Listen people, it’s important to Steve :)4:06Steve has something else to say.4:07Ladies and gentlemen, Norah Jones is performing today!4:09If Norah ain’t really your thing, you should know now that this is the end of the keynote. Thanks for joining us :)4:15Australian prices are here: 2GB shuffle for $79, 4GB shuffle is $1094:16nano is: $199 for 8GB, $249 for 16GB4:16iPod classic is $3294:17

iPod touch: 8GB for $268, 32GB for $399, 64GB for $549

4:18And… we’re out!

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